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There is always the possibility of learning new things. If there is something you see that I need to work on in my characterization of Tieria, feel free to comment here.

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[It was the chill that bothered Tieria the most that afternoon, despite the comfort of his modified uniform that marked him as a member of Celestial Being.  Visible though he was with his purple hair, uniform, and wings, he took the relative quiet of the village to study and recollect himself.  He wouldn't be beaten by the shock of his entry alone--he had come too far to allow that to happen again. What little he had learned of this village and this world during his short 'briefing' was uncomfortably familiar. He was reminded of Celestial Being's original directive...and his determination to not let fate dictate his life again.

That afternoon finds him exploring the village,. He stocked up on supplies from the Shops in the Plaza. As the sun started to set he took to the Bakery to get himself a snack and a hot cup of tea before heading to the Welcome Center to read over the information provided there. He takes a brief moment to watch the landscape, the people, and the gray sky at the Fountain between stops, completely ignoring the briskly cold wind.]

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