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Mission 001: Relearning how to Breathe [Action]

[Action: Locked to Harry Dresden]

[It was a shock, a tangible difference that stood out among the rest. The twinge in his shoulders and the soft pillow underneath his head were secondary to the loss that he felt. He felt blind and empty without the familiar flow of images and words--but the frayed strands of the link were painfully familiar. He was reminded of that battle six years ago, when that link was severed by that man, the one who had made their world so twisted. He was reminded of another battle four years later, when he took those bullets and booted that same man from the system. Both incidents, despite their polarity, held one similarity; the conditions were altered.

For a heartbeat, Tieria felt lost in space.

He took a breath, replaced the echoes of his last order to the Raphael, and sat up underneath the covers of the bed he found himself in. He took another breath and studied his hands in a silent fascination, though he was still mindful of his surroundings. The bedroom was unfamiliar, and the absence of the electrical hum that was so familiar spoke as loudly as the strangely talkative birds outside of the windows.

This wasn't the Ptolemy, or even a location in the colonies or on Earth that he was remotely familiar with.

After a heavy, tense moment, he spoke in a soft tone:] this place?


[It was the chill that bothered Tieria the most that afternoon, despite the comfort of his modified uniform that marked him as a member of Celestial Being.  Visible though he was with his purple hair, uniform, and wings, he took the relative quiet of the village to study and recollect himself.  He wouldn't be beaten by the shock of his entry alone--he had come too far to allow that to happen again. What little he had learned of this village and this world during his short 'briefing' was uncomfortably familiar. He was reminded of Celestial Being's original directive...and his determination to not let fate dictate his life again.

That afternoon finds him exploring the village,. He stocked up on supplies from the Shops in the Plaza. As the sun started to set he took to the Bakery to get himself a snack and a hot cup of tea before heading to the Welcome Center to read over the information provided there. He takes a brief moment to watch the landscape, the people, and the gray sky at the Fountain between stops, completely ignoring the briskly cold wind.]
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[Selphie's in her usual late fall attire today. The jeans she's sporting are splattered with bits of paint and well worn looking underneath the thick jacket and yellow beanie hat. She's just out on the town, enjoying the day despite the chill when she spots an unfamiliar face sitting on the ledge of the fountain.

He looks a little cold as she stuffs her hands into her jacket and finds the extra pair of gloves she keeps on her in case she gets caught outside and the temperature drops. However, she makes her way over to the New Feather and holds the gloves out to him.]

It's not much but it'll keep your hands warm at least. You must be new to the village.
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[Rapunzel notices a new face in the bakery today, and she's been trying to take note of who was new in town as usual. After he's had a few minutes to set into his treats and tea, she dusts off her hands and ducks out onto the main area from behind the counter to approach him, a friendly, beaming grin on her face.]

Hello! I hope you're enjoying yourself. I'm Rapunzel, and I wanted to formally welcome you to the bakery! Are you new in town?
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It had been another all-nighter for me. Hell's Bells, I had to stop doing that. Fortunately, I'd almost completely replaced the models the Thing had destroyed when he fell through my freaking roof, and Little Luceti was almost complete again.

And then, there was a kid in my bed.

In my bed.

In my apartment.

Why were they always in my goddamn apartment? Why?

Alright. Relax, Harry. They couldn't help it. You've terrified one girl senseless, you pulled a gun on a couple of benign- if slightly obnoxious- demons. You don't need to alienate anybody else.

"Uh, hey. Okay. I know this seems weird, but it's okay, I promise. You're safe."
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Ooookay, that was not the voice I expected out of that body. I couldn't even tell it was a guy, he just looked young to me.

"Uh. Well, computers, I think you're out of luck. Unless you hit the Battledome, but the computers there are kinda limited. I guess. I'm not much for computers."

In that they tended to, at best, crash and die when I was near them, and at worst violently explode.

"You're on a different dimension. This enclosure is called Luceti, but the world has no name, that I know of. People pop in from other dimensions. Oh, and the wings are sensitive, don't mess with them."
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[Who in the world would stop by the fountain when it's this cold out? Tsuzuki's on the way home from the bakery himself when he sees the lone figure by the fountain. It strikes him as strange that someone would stop there, when there's warm buildings you could rest in close by. Maybe Tieria's has gotten lost.]

Excuse me?
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Action, at the Fountain

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[...Well, this wasn't what she was expecting to see amidst the chilly weather. Someone else out in the cold as she passed by the fountain in the afternoon. Why would anyone be out in this weather, considering the low temperatures capable of causing frostbite?

Well, it's worth a little investigating. She goes over.]

Shouldn't you get something warmer?
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[Tieria looks kind of adorable in that large jacket, and Tsuzuki gets the urge to ruffle his hair. He ignores it for now, since doing that to strangers would be pretty rude.]

Are you waiting for someone?
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I thought so. It's a little to cold to be out here.

[Although he is a hardened warrior, Tieria doesn't look it. When Tsuzuki looks at him he sees a short young man who might need a scarf. He fluffs his wings to keep them warm, glancing the same way Tieria is looking.]

Are you new?
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Yes. It happens every other month. The worst time for new feathers is definitely the winter, though.

[It's then he remembers he's carrying cinnabons from the bakery. Slightly sheepishly, he holds the bag up.]

Hungry? I think there's enough to share.
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"Well, honestly, we're not sure. We all have them when we arrive. And if anything happens to them, it's bad. If you lose a wing, you get horribly sick and crippled. If you lose both, you die."
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"You don't really have a choice, man."

I shrugged.

"Hey, it's not all bad news. Whatever your friends need you for, you're not missing out on it. This place... kind of exists outside of time. So whenever you go back, you'll go right back to the moment you left. Like you were never gone."
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Okay. [There is something about the way Tieria looks at everything that kickstarts Tsuzuki's protectiveness. It's not just that he's short. Maybe it's because Tsuzuki remembers how unpleasant it felt to be new, when you didn't quite feel like you belonged.]

Want me to show you the library? Or I suppose we could to to the tea place. That ought to warm you up.
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That sounds good. Hisoka can't stay away from the library, so I think they have good books there. [He flaps his wings to get some circulation back. Tsuzuki takes the lead, though he keeps walking slowly enough that Tieria will be able to look at their surroundings properly.]

What's your name? I'm Tsuzuki.
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