transam: (uncertain -- care to clarify?)
Tieria Erde ([personal profile] transam) wrote 2012-11-14 04:43 am (UTC)


{Tieria looked up at her from his thoughtful reverie. He ample time to complete his work, and the last two years taught him how to watch and wait patiently.

There was no other way to work in this village.

He nodded at the stranger, acknowledging her presence, before replying.]

I appreciate your offer. But, [He held up a hand for her to see the thin black gloves that were also a part of the standard uniform,] our benefactors were kind enough to leave me with something.

[He wanted a jacket, or at least a scarf. That was why he was predominantly flitting through the shops and facilities...but the fountain was a focal point in the plaza.]


I am new here, yes.

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