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Selphie Tilmitt ([personal profile] selphie_t) wrote in [personal profile] transam 2012-11-14 04:12 am (UTC)


[Selphie's in her usual late fall attire today. The jeans she's sporting are splattered with bits of paint and well worn looking underneath the thick jacket and yellow beanie hat. She's just out on the town, enjoying the day despite the chill when she spots an unfamiliar face sitting on the ledge of the fountain.

He looks a little cold as she stuffs her hands into her jacket and finds the extra pair of gloves she keeps on her in case she gets caught outside and the temperature drops. However, she makes her way over to the New Feather and holds the gloves out to him.]

It's not much but it'll keep your hands warm at least. You must be new to the village.

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